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At Sydney Termite Pest Control we pride ourselves on being able to eliminate termites quickly making sure to minimize the damage a termite infestation can cause.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I found live termites in/or around my house, what should I do?

If you have discovered live termites, don't attempt to disturb anything. The methods of management need to be determined before disturbing the workings. Any effort to deal with, fix, or even replace the wood that has been infested is very likely to result in the live termites to completely eliminate themselves from the region. This will make it impossible to eliminate the termites. Because of this, you need to avoid replacing or removing the wood before complete eradication.

What is the cost related to a termite treatment?

You'll discover the charge to vary considerably based on essential facets. Several factors can dictate the total price of the treatment for termites that are live. For instance, the size of the house, the structure of the home, how easy the region is to access, and even the prep required. Because of this, it is important to have it assessed by a professional. By calling on one of our experienced technicians, we will have the ability to make a suitable damage assessment to offer you the most accurate estimate.

Is the treatment safe for everyone?

We have skilled and trained technicians who will be handling the eradication of termites. They will employ safe termiticides when they're in the practice of treating your house to eliminate the termites. You'll be required to stay away from your home for a predetermined period to allow the pesticides to completely dry and in order to safely reenter your home.Our proficient technicians just use secure, contemporary termiticides for insect eradication in your property. It's vital that you adhere to all instructions concerning the duration to be away from the house to permit for the total drying of pesticides.

Can I Have To Vacate My House During Treatment?

Yes. Once our technician gets to your property to use the treatment, it's essential that you leave. Ordinarily, you will be asked to stay away for at least six hours (sometimes more) to provide the pesticides lots of drying time.

How often should I schedule a termite treatment for my home?

It goes to the termiticide that's been used for treatment in your property because the life expectancy frequently varies. Generally, most chemicals will keep your premises termite-free for 5-8 decades, provided the barrier stays pliable. Annual termite inspections are strongly suggested to make sure your house is free of termites.

How can I keep termites from my home?

A yearly inspection by a pest control management technician is your best way of ensuring that there are no termites in your house. In addition, keep your property as dry as you can, and be sure any leaks are repaired as soon as they appear. Ensure that wood is pressure-treated, and eliminate any dead or decaying vegetation. Maintain weep holes from being blocked and make sure that all garbage is picked up around the house.

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Do you need a quality termite and pest control company in Sydney? No need to look further than Sydney Termite Pest Control. Your local source for effective termite and pest control. Our insured and qualified technicians have years of knowledge and experience in helping the people of Sydney. Along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we can provide a full warranty on our work. We are consistently updating our treatment methods and strategies to ensure we provide the most effective and safest treatments for your pests and family.

The next time you require a quality pest management company, you can have peace of mind in picking Sydney Termite Pest Control because our team has years of local Sydney experience and success in dealing with termites. We make use of a wide variety of pesticides, from liquid sprays and dust, to baiting gels and non-toxic traps, to ensure that you recieve an effective treatment.

When clients think they could have a termite problem our inspectors use the latest technology to detect the termites to enable providing effective termite treatment.

We can offer comprehensive warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. Our specialist team can advise you on the best methods to protect your property from white ants and pests.

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