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At Sydney Termite Pest Control we pride ourselves on being able to eliminate termites quickly making sure to minimize the damage a termite infestation can cause.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do If I Have Found Live Termites Nearby?

If you discover live termites (white ants) that you want to avoid bothering them at all cost. The method of direction has to be determined before they are disturbed. Without doing this, you risk getting them draw from the region before you are able to completely remove them. Any wood that's been ruined by the termites should not be replaced before complete eradication is complete.

How much am I going to have to pay to eliminate termites?

This isn't a very simple answer. After all, the cost will vary depending on various conditions. Among the main factors which will cause the cost to change is the dimensions of your property. The larger your home is, the more you can expect to pay. Also, if your home has poor access or even if the groundwork is important, you can expect to pay more. Because of this, you want to arrange a visit with one of our experienced technicians to acquire a proper evaluation to ensure the quotation is most accurate.

Will The Treatment Be Safe For Individuals Living In Your Home And My Pets?

When you receive your property treated from our professional and trained technicians, then you'll have peace of mind knowing that we use contemporary termiticides if we are treating your home and surrounding land. For this reason, you won't have to worry about placing your loved ones or pets in danger. As long as you follow the directions from our specialist technicians, you have nothing to be worried about as much as your health is concerned.We have trained and skilled technicians who are tackling the eradication of termites. They will apply safe termiticides when they're in the process of treating your house to eliminate the termites. You will be required to steer clear of your house for a specified time to allow the pesticides to completely dry and in order to safely reenter your property.

Will we be required to vacate the house during the treatment process?

Yes. Once our technician gets to your property to use the treatment, it's very important that you leave. Generally, you'll be asked to stay away for at least half an hour (sometimes more) to give the pesticides lots of drying time.

How frequently should I schedule a termite cure for my home?

It goes to the termiticide that's been used for treatment in your property because the life expectancy frequently varies. Generally, most chemicals will continue to keep your property termite-free for 5-8 years, provided the barrier remains undisturbed. Annual termite inspections are strongly suggested to ensure that your property is free from termites.

How can I keep termites out of my property?

You should be seeking to schedule a professional review each and every year from somebody who is licensed to take it out. You'll also want to prevent allowing wood to sit outside. Try to get rid of all sources of water and excess moisture that stems from plumbing issues or because of having bad drainage in your property. Do not allow loose wood to sit down around your house and look to eliminate any dead trees and/or stumps that are around your house since they can end up being a capable nesting website for live termites.

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Sydney Termite

Sydney Termite Pest Control is accessible to support clients with the procedure of handling unwanted pests in homes. The experienced and insured pest professionals are knowledgable, skilled, and properly taught to do the most efficient job possible in Sydney. The satisfaction of our own customers is incredibly vital to us. It is one of the many reasons why we have been continuously staying updated with the latest treatment options to give the handiest termite and pest management services.

Our team of skilled pest management specialists have been in this industry for a long time. The experience and amount of professionalism goes unmatched. Our professionals are aware of numerous effective pesticides, as well as other pest management treatment options, for example dusts, bait gels, and traps made to help eradicate homes of these unwanted pests.

Additionally, our technicians uses thermal and radar termite detection technology in an effort to provide you with the best solution possible.

We can provide 100% satisfaction guarantees and comprehensive warranties on all our work. Our expert team can advise you on the techniques to protect your house from termites (white ants) and other pests.

Call Sydney Termite Pest Control today to have one of our trained termite technicians visit to your property for an inspection.


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